sexta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2012

All fully functional!!

Now everything is going as expected!

If you want to know more, enter the other pages; if you want to play, enter Downloads page.

If needed help or something else, post a comment and share your feelings!

2 comentários:

  1. I can't believe you're going to do a shopping cart race! That is such a fun idea. I may have to put together my own at my local mall, the Bell - Trinity Commons. Sounds like fun!

    1. I'm not the creator, I just made this site to talk about this game, but I'm trying to discover how to edit it, or even a way to recreate it in another 3D engine. For now you can download the original game, that's in Swedish, in the "Downloads" page (It works in full speed on Windows Vista/XP/9x). I'll post some images later, but if you want how the game works, go to "Videos" page and see the first video, it's like a tutorial of how to play it.
      Good to know you liked the idea of the game.

      Patryck Po