The Market

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There are 5 areas in total: Smakop, Eken, Draken, Sjohasten and Raketen, each with its own difficulty and theme.

Smakop(Mini Mall): As the name says, it's small. Very competitive to play, good for quick plays. The turbo (McD's burger) is located next to the freezers, slightly to your left. The cashier is right at your back, if you're facing the "turbo place", at your right (if you've turned 180º after facing the burger).

Eken(Wood Mall): Something about 2,5X bigger than the previous, has a "nature" feeling. Good to play in Matkrig mode(Foodfight), because the items are more scattered through the mall. The burger is at your left, right at the beginning. To find the cashier, look for places where says "Kassor".

Draken(Orient Mall): This one got a orient touch, with walls and stairs showing this style. Another good mall to play Matkrig, because the whole thing's a maze! Got lost there a lot of times. The burger is right after the wooden bridge, if you continue moving front. The cashier is at the other side (turn 180º on the McD's burger stand and take the path at your left).

Sjohasten(Aqua Mall): One 3-floor mall with a waterfall (cool!). If you need to go straight to the first floor just use this waterfall. The burger is after the first ramp leading up, just go following the wall at the left or right of the waterfall. The cashier is located like this:

                                                        | 1 ||||||||  2  ||||||||||| 1  |
                                                        |    ||||||||      |||||||||||     |
1 - ramps leading up
2 - waterfall exit
^ - move towards arrow to find the cashier

Raketen(Future Mall): Probably the biggest level, and the last. You must be fast here to win. The burger can be found using the ramp leading up, or using the rocket!(stand right below it and you'll be blown away up there) The cashier is located next to the tunnel you use to access te upper parts of the mall.

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