Credits (SWE Version)


Project Leader       Mitri Bautista-Wiberg, Peter Andersson
ConceptErland Körner, Peter Zetterberg
Lead ProgrammingMattias Olsson
ProgrammingMichael Sundell
Additional Programming     Alexander Boczar, Mikael Emtinger, Krister Jansson, Carl Lundqvist
Spitfire 3D EngineTord Jansson
GraphicsMitri Bautista-Wiberg, Peter Andersson, Magnus Troedsson
Additional GraphicsMattias Kylén
Level DesignMagnus Troedsson
Music and Sound EffectsChristian Björklund
Source   ------------>>>>>MobyGames

Credits (Site)

Site Leader (the boy in the PC)       patryckpo
Help with character descriptionsIcyton
Mall Mania (US) contributionTwinsensBrain
Site Design/TechnologyBlogger
                                   Thanks for    AddGames Advertainment, UDS, AddGames Brasil support

2 comentários:

  1. There is no music playing! How to fix?

    1. I told you already, I just forgot to put here, sorry buddy. Look in the "Instructions" page in the next minutes, there'll be the steps on how to do it. Anyways, you can use any CD that got audio tracks to play songs in-game. And thanks for remembering me bud.