The game

PT-BR aqui.

Mall Mania is an advergame released by AddGames and UDS (Unique Development Studios),  where you must get the products before anyone does, basically is a racing game with real groceries, inside a market.
You can play in 5 different areas: Mini Market(Smakop), Wood Mall(Eken), Orient Mall(Draken), Aqua Mall(Sjohasten) and Future Mall(Raketen); and with 10 unique characters, each with its own abilities.

This game was released in Sweden in 1999, and probably in U.S. in 2000. There are some vids showing off this game, unfortunately noone has the U.S. version (SOLVED! TwinsensBrain have contributed with a version, and guess what: CD backup!).

So check it out on the Downloads page and download the one that suits you best, or even, download ALL of them.

For now that's it, keep coming back if you want to see updates of what probably is the best racing game putting together a shopping cart and racing elements all in one.

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