PT-BR aqui.

After downloading it, extract in somewhere easy and comfort for yourself. Then, open maniac.exe to start playing.

If you want to play with the audio tracks, look below...

Press [Space] to jump initial merchandising.

Main Menu
Use directional keys to select menus and [Enter] to open these.

Tip: to grab or let go off your cart and to get items, press [Space].

1. Spela(New Game)
1.1. Varujakten(Main Game)
1.1.1. Select character(directionals <= => and Enter) Select level(directionals <= => and Enter) Rules:
You are given a list in the upper left corner of the screen with what you need to get. There isn't a real time to finish each area, but you must be faster than your opponent to win. The next item is indicated in a yellow arrow, in the lower left corner, follow the arrow's direction and you'll get the item. If somewhat you have lost your cart, follow the green arrow located in the lower right corner of your screen. After picking up all items, a message appear sayin you got it all (Mot kassorna!). Go directly to the cashier to be considered the winner and then go to the next level. You'll be sended back to the character list. You can stop the game at anytime pressing [Esc] and [Y], or just [Esc] to pause.

1.2. Matkrig(Foodfight or Quick Mode)
1.2.1. Select character Select level Rules:

You start off without any list, but you must reach a number of items to win (5 items). As in the Main Game, you must return to the cashier to be declared the winner. The next item to get will appear in the top of your screen and in the yellow arrow. If somewhat you have lost your cart, follow the green arrow. When the game ends, you'll be returned to the character list. You can stop the game at anytime pressing [Esc] and [Y], or just [Esc] to pause.

1.3. Fragesporten(Quiz Mode)
1.3.1. Select character Select level Rules:
You have a list and must get all the items to win. But now you don't have any opponents and you must do the smallest time as possible (It's more like a Time Trial), and to make things worst, you must get the right choice to "grab" the item (too bad it's in Swedish), hitting Y or N. Finish the list, return to the cashier and you're done! When the game ends, you return to the character list. You can stop the game at anytime pressing [Esc] and [Y], or just [Esc] to pause.

1.4. Vagnrace(Race Mode - My favourite!!)
1.4.1. Select character Select level Rules:
Rules are simple: get the flags in order to win. NOTE: To collect them, you must have your cart in your hands!!! Very fun indeed.

2. Natverk(NetPlay)
2.1. Starta natspel(Host server)
2.1.1. Karaktar(Character, selected with directionals <= =>)
2.1.2. Bana(Level, selected with directionals <= =>)
2.1.3. Spel(Game Mode, selected with directionals <= =>)
2.1.4. Ditt Namn(Your name)

2.2. Anslut(Join Server)
2.2.2. Ditt namn(Your name)
2.2.3. Server adress
NOTE: NetPlay can work with TCP/IP and Internet(don't even know if it works, no way for me to test it as I only have this computer, but there are programs that can simulate those, so, give 'em a try!)

3. Alternativ(Options)
3.1. Svarighetsgrad(Difficulty, selected with directionals <= =>)
3.1.1. Latt(Easy)
3.1.2. Medium(Medium)
3.1.3. Svart(Hard)
3.2. Grafik(Video card)
3.2.1. Mjukvara(Software - Default)
3.2.2. 3DFX Vodoo(don't know if it works)

4. Rekord(Scores - Shows your time records)

5. Avsluta(Exit - you'll be redirected to the Credits page)
5.1. J,Y (Yes - Closes the game)
5.2. N (No - puts you back to the main menu)

Now, to run the audio tracks in-game:
1. Get a blank CD-R and download the tracks on the site;
2. Check the order of the tracks and burn the disc in this track order:
  1-Data (put the content of the game here, packed or unpacked)
  2-Mini Mall
  3-Wood Mall
  4-Orient Mall
  5-Aqua Mall
  6-Future Mall
  7-Menu Music
  8- Intro
3. Burn the tracks;
4. Play the game.
If you want to double-check, download the tracks and check the track on the file.

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